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Notary Services


Navigating the complex world of legal documentation often requires the credibility of a certified notary. Universal LiveScan, renowned for its dedication to precision and trustworthiness in various service domains, proudly presents its top-tier Notary Services. With us, you can ensure your documents are authenticated, witnessed, and certified in a seamless, professional manner.

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Notary Services
Includes: Per signature Notarized
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Why Choose Universal LiveScan for Notary Services?

The act of notarization is a pillar of trust in legal documentation. At Universal LiveScan, we understand the gravity of this responsibility. Here's why we are your premier choice for notary services.

  • Certified Notary Professionals: Our team comprises experts rigorously trained and certified in notarial practices.
  • Flexible Appointments: We accommodate your schedule, ensuring our services are available when needed.
  • Confidential Handling: Your documents are in secure hands. We uphold the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Comprehensive Services: From affidavits to contracts, our services encompass various documents.

With Universal LiveScan, you're not just getting a signature or a seal; you're securing a partnership founded on trust, integrity, and unmatched expertise.

The Notary Process at Universal LiveScan

The process of notarization is detailed and meticulous. We have streamlined our approach to ensure both thoroughness and efficiency.

  1. Appointment Scheduling: Choose a convenient time slot for our mobile fingerprinting service.
  2. Document Review: Once at our facility, our notary professionals review your documents to ensure they're ready for notarization.
  3. Identification Verification: We validate the identity of signing parties to maintain the authenticity of the process.
  4. Execution: Documents are signed, witnessed, and stamped, making them notarially certified.
  5. Documentation: All notarized documents are systematically recorded for future reference, ensuring traceability.

At Universal LiveScan, the notarization process is a blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring your documents are certified with both care and modern efficiency.

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Trust Universal LiveScan's Notary Services

In a world where documentation is the bedrock of numerous transactions, a trusted notary service is paramount. Universal LiveScan is that pillar of trust, bridging the gap between necessity and credibility. Schedule Your Notary Appointment with us today and move forward confidently, knowing your documents bear the mark of genuine authentication.

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What Other People Are Saying

Grateful and Impressed

"Their staff are skilled and courteous, making the process comfortable and quick. They provided clear instructions and were very patient, which was greatly appreciated. I'm thoroughly impressed with Universal LiveScan and will definitely be using their services again."

- Christine Cooper

Enthusiastic and Satisfied Customer

"I recently had the pleasure of using Universal LiveScan for fingerprinting services, and I must say, the experience was fantastic! The staff were incredibly professional and knowledgeable, making the whole process smooth and hassle-free. Their mobile service was a lifesaver, especially with my busy schedule. The fact that they're certified with the FBI, DOJ, and FDLE gave me immense confidence in their work. Plus, the additional services like passport photos and notary services were super convenient. Highly recommend Universal LiveScan for anyone in need of quality fingerprinting services in Phoenix!"

- Cindy Lou

Highly Recommend!

"I needed fingerprinting services and turned to Universal LiveScan on a friend's recommendation. I'm so glad I did! The service was exceptional from start to finish. The staff were friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. The mobile live scan service was a huge convenience."

- Pat Collins

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Benefit from Notary Services?

Notarization serves various sectors and individuals, underlining the authenticity of their essential documents.

  • Business Professionals: Executing contracts, agreements, or other official business documents.
  • Real Estate Transactions: Ensuring deeds, mortgages, and other property documents are genuine.
  • Legal Proceedings: Affidavits, power of attorney, wills, and more.
  • Personal Needs: Validating personal documents, such as consent forms, vehicle transfers, or medical authorizations.
  • Travel and Immigration: Authenticating documents for international use or immigration purposes.

From a personal pledge to a corporate contract, the umbrella of notarization covers a broad spectrum. Universal LiveScan stands ready to serve all with the same commitment to excellence.

What documents can a Notary Public notarize?

A Notary can notarize a variety of documents including affidavits, contracts, deeds, power of attorney, and more. However, the types of documents may vary based on state laws and regulations.

What do I need to bring to have a document notarized?

You will typically need the document you want to be notarized and a valid photo ID (like a driver's license or passport) to confirm your identity.

Can a Notary Public refuse to notarize a document?

Yes. A Notary can refuse service if they have concerns about the signer's identity, willingness, or understanding of the document, or if the notary suspects fraud.

Can I get a document notarized for someone else?

Generally, the person whose signature is being notarized must be present during the notarization and provide valid identification. You cannot get a document notarized on someone else's behalf without proper authorization and presence.

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