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FBI Background Checks


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Background Check is one of the most comprehensive and recognized background verification processes globally. Whether for employment, immigration, or personal review, Universal LiveScan delivers this crucial service with unmatched precision and confidentiality. Entrust us with your FBI Background Check needs and experience a seamless, efficient, and transparent process.

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FBI Background Check
Includes: LiveScan Fingerprinting Fee and FBI Fee
Official Mailed Sealed FBI Background Report
Includes: LiveScan Fingerprinting Fee, Sealed Background Report, FBI Filing Fees and USPS First Class Mail Postage
Official Priority Mail Sealed FBI Background Report
Includes: LiveScan Fingerprinting Fee, Sealed Background Report, FBI Filing Fees and Priority Mail
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Why Choose Universal LiveScan?

In the delicate arena of background checks, especially those conducted by the FBI, meticulousness and reliability are paramount. Here's why Universal LiveScan stands out in this domain.

  • Accredited and Recognized: As an authorized service provider, we adhere to FBI standards, ensuring genuine and accurate results.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Our streamlined processes and state-of-the-art technology guarantee prompt results without compromising accuracy.
  • Complete Confidentiality: Respecting your privacy is our top priority. We uphold strict confidentiality protocols throughout the process.
  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced team is always ready to assist, ensuring you understand every step and answering any queries.

Choosing Universal LiveScan for your FBI Background Check ensures speed, accuracy, and unmatched professionalism in a domain where trust is non-negotiable.

The Mobile FBI Background Check Process

The depth of an FBI Background Check demands a meticulous process. We've fine-tuned ours to ensure efficiency without cutting corners.

  • Appointment Scheduling: Choose a convenient time slot for our mobile fingerprinting service.
  • Document Verification: On your visit, we'll verify all necessary documents and identification to ensure a smooth process.
  • Fingerprinting Session: Our experts will capture your fingerprints using advanced equipment, a critical component for the FBI check.
  • Submission and Results: We manage the electronic submission to the FBI and inform you as soon as your results are ready, either for pickup or through a secure channel of your preference.

With Universal LiveScan, the FBI Background Check process is made accessible, ensuring you're well-informed and confident at every step.

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Regarding something as critical as an FBI Background Check, settle for nothing but the best. Universal LiveScan offers expertise, reliability, and a commitment to your peace of mind. Schedule Your FBI Background Check with us today and navigate this intricate process with trusted professionals.

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What Other People Are Saying

Grateful and Impressed

"Their staff are skilled and courteous, making the process comfortable and quick. They provided clear instructions and were very patient, which was greatly appreciated. I'm thoroughly impressed with Universal LiveScan and will definitely be using their services again."

- Christine Cooper

Highly Recommend!

"I needed fingerprinting services and turned to Universal LiveScan on a friend's recommendation. I'm so glad I did! The service was exceptional from start to finish. The staff were friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. The mobile live scan service was a huge convenience."

- Pat Collins

Appreciative and Relieved

" The live scan technology they use is top-notch, my fingerprints were done accurately and quickly. What really impressed me was their willingness to accommodate my crazy schedule with their mobile services. It's clear that Universal LiveScan values customer service and quality."

- Walter Sinclair

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Requires FBI Background Checks?

The applications of an FBI Background Check are vast, covering various personal and professional arenas.

  • Job Applicants: Those applying for positions in government agencies or sectors demanding high security.
  • Immigrants and Visa Applicants: Some countries and visa categories mandate an FBI check as part of their application process.
  • Adoption Processes: Ensuring the safety and well-being of children by vetting potential adoptive parents.
  • Personal Review: Individuals curious about their records or wishing to correct potential inaccuracies.
  • Licensing: For certain professions or activities where a thorough background check is required.

How long does it take to get the results of an FBI Background Check?

Typically, electronic submissions can receive a response within 24 to 72 hours. However, manual or mail-in submissions may take several weeks. The timeframe can vary depending on the volume of requests and other factors.

Is there a fee associated with the FBI Background Check?

Yes, there's a processing fee for the background check. The exact amount can vary depending on where and how you submit your request.

Can I challenge the accuracy of the information on my report?

Yes, if you believe there's inaccurate or incomplete information on your report, you have the right to request a change or correction through the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division.

How long will the FBI retain criminal history records?

The FBI retains criminal history record information until the subject of the records reaches 110 years of age or seven years after their confirmed death.

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